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Abby loves all genre's of music and never considers herself just one. She grew up singing COUNTRY music in a very musical family. She has been involved in MUSICAL THEATRE her entire life. Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and many other pop artists inspired her vocally.

Recently, Adele has been a strong new inspiration for her. 

Abby also studied classically at Indiana University's Jacob's School of Music, with her world renown voice teacher: Teresa Kubiak, who led many leading roles on the Metropolitan Opera stage. 

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Abby Kunkel is a singer, songwriter with a message to share and a dream to live.
    Born and raised in Evansville, Indiana-Abby grew up with a huge family that was full of love and music.  Having such a musical childhood really inspired her to start singing-and she hasn't stopped since. "The stage has always felt like home to me."  

Ever since childhood, she's also known she wanted to become a music teacher and has been so blessed to have gotten to follow that dream at Indiana University Jacob's School of Music.. "I hope to inspire many kids that pass through my classroom. It's extremely important to me to give everyone a chance to deepen their passion for music. Not every kid that takes my music class will end up with a passion for music and want to do it for the rest of their life, I'm well aware. BUT for me, the chance that ONE student could grow a love for music as deep as mine, is worth an entire lifetime of students just passing through." 

    Abby shares an equal love of performing and teaching, and loves doing both. 

She has an album on iTunes, a YouTube channel with THOUSANDS of views, radio play in Evansville, IN, Bloomington, IN, and South Africa (WHOA!), and a very strong fan base who faithfully follows her music journey.